Have you ever looked up in the night sky in wonder as to who you are and how you got here? Do you sometimes feel lost and wish that your life had more direction and purpose? Are you increasingly disillusioned with traditional religious explanations and prescriptive doctrines?   Might you wish to be more empowered to find new pursuits that better align with your interests and passions?

If you have come to this site and are reflecting on these types of questions you may be ready to consider the benefits of creating your own personal life philosophy.   You may also desire to create a philosophy but wonder how best to approach the endeavor.   The purpose of this site is to aid you in the effort, and to provide a simplified process that should make the task less daunting.

In the pages that follow, you will find an overview of what it means to have a personal philosophy, a list of questions that any would-be philosopher must confront, a recommended process for constructing a philosophy from scratch, some helpful tips to guide your thought process, a list of obstacles that are often encountered, an example of the author’s own personal philosophy, and some suggested resources.

Along the journey you may enjoy some thought provoking quotations.   You may also find the contact page helpful should you have a question or wish to provide comment or critique.